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Understanding Your Dog 

Energy and Leash Communication Seminar 

October 5th & 6th, 2022
Los Angeles, California 
If you would like to understand your dog better and how to interact with them on AND off leash, this seminar is for you! 
We will help owners struggling with dogs that:
- Bark at the door
- Jump and lunge when excited 
- Pull on leash
- General disobedience
- Are reactive to dogs, skateboards/bikes, etc. 
- Have dog aggression
- Have fear or anxiety issues triggered by sights/sounds/dogs/etc.
- Have relationship issues due to fear or acting indifferent towards their owners or other members of the family

Bethany Wilson, founder of Ruff Beginnings Rehab, has been helping dogs and owners achieve a better quality of life for well over a decade, by teaching dog training as a lifestyle. This weekend seminar is suitable for dogs ranging from happy-go-lucky to serious behavioral issues.  With years of experience teaching at rescues, on television, coaching online and at facilities; Bethany’s goal is to give owners the knowledge they need to better connect with their dogs and give them the confidence they need to achieve real world obedience. Bethany's YouTube videos have over 3 million views and have helped dog owners all over the world. 


Ruff Beginnings Rehab weekend seminars are a great way to learn how to stop behavioral issues and learn how to work through them in the real world.  This seminar is an intimate experience that targets what the guests want to work on with their dogs and is great for dog owners, volunteers at dog shelters and rescues and dog trainers.  We use every tool at our disposal so we can help every dog and teach you to do the same.  
Day 1 will tackle individual issues and work dogs one at a time while discussing concepts. 
Day 2 will focus more on group work with multiple dogs out at once.
We use all training tools available to us and depending on what you would like to focus on we will be covering prong collar and ecollar work at the seminar which might be necessary for you and your dog. 
We have dog working spots available, that is considered one dog and one person; as well as audit spots where you can still ask questions.
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