Dog training programs below. We are currently BOOKED Until Late fall/early winter.  Please fill out a contact form to be put on our email list to let you know when we will start booking again.

Our most popular choice, you are part of the teaching phase, not just the end.  These programs are a great option for people who want to work with their dog first, see that improvement and be more involved in the whole process.  We start with lessons and then keep the dog briefly to work on the hard part.  You then finish with a couple of lessons.     

All the bells and whistles.  We work on everything you need/want and take the dogs everywhere to proof their obedience.  For severe fear, anxiety, human aggression, etc., this is ideal.  You are still very involved, just towards the end of the board and train.  We rehab the dog, then the human.  4 lessons are required to attend and you get a follow up when needed.  These are very specialized programs.  The dogs work with me, around my pack and I do not take more then 1-2 at a time.  

There are many reasons to do one on ones over a board and train scenario.  Being part of the entire process helps you learn and understand the nuance and the messy middle in a way that gives you skills through-out your dogs life, teaching you how to really navigate through the ups and downs.  These are great options for people with a little time, dedication and excitement for the process.