We have a variety of FREE training videos for you to use on your dog training journey! 

Please watch some of our videos and see how we use training tools and a variety of methods to rehabilitate dogs before contacting us.

We are also known as DOGercise, so don't be confused when you hear that :)

NOTE:  we have more videos on our YouTube channel that you can navigate more easily by checking out our organized playlists.  We also regularly update Instagram and Facebook.  We ask that you become familiar with our style before reaching out for training.

Puppy training, prong & ecollar how to's

Our facebook page is over loaded with TONS of how to's for ecollar and prong collar training.  Check it out (links at the bottom of the page) for more information.  

how to puppy videos

Puppy Training Guru!  You can really start some GREAT puppy training just by watching my videos.  Typically these vids are geared towards dogs between 8 and 15 weeks old.   These videos give you a great idea of what it is like during board and trains for puppies as well as one on one appointments with the puppies owners.  More videos are on our YOUTUBE channel, but this should give you a great start!

4-part puppy training series below

more puppy traning videos

diy basic obedience

These videos have specifically been chosen to be on our General How-To page because many of these dogs just use slip leashes for training.  This makes it very easy for you at home to start training your dog without having to worry about using a new training tool.  It is very important to me that anyone can train their dog doing a variety of methods.  This page uses leash pressure and food, so it is a GREAT place to start! You can always ask questions and be featured in an episode of our Q & A on youtube!  Just go to our facebook page or instagram and message us!

q&a videos

We have more videos on our YouTube channel!