We adopted this girl two years ago. 🐾🤩 She’s about 3 now. I went to a German Shepherd Rescue and they said she was highly reactive and she was. It didn’t seem like most reactivity I seemed more pent up energy so I was able to work with her a few days and decide. They said she was 2-4 years old and looked like she had a litter of pups. Clearly from her fur she was an outside dog. She had been picked up as a stray and she was all skin and bone. 3 days in I called and wanted to...

The potential new wave of adopting dogs from rescues with training is upon us! Let me clarify training. I don’t just mean sit, down, stay, place and come (although very valuable). Most of the dogs that I work with know all of their basic obedience, just not when it matters. They don’t know what sit means when that neighborhood dog walks by and barks or when a squirrel taunts them from a tree.

Training a new dog coming into your home from a rescue or shelter can be tough. It automatically makes you want to mostly nurture the dog and that can get you into some serious trouble down the road.