RBR Aftercare Program

Providing Community and Continued Support

  • Free Monthly Pack Walks and Hikes all over Los Angeles
  • We also use it as a way to offer tips geared towards people who have been through the program.
  • Discounts to Follow up sessions, Events and Seminars
  • Training Tune ups for previous and current clients only.  This is if you still maintain a crate schedule at home so the dog is still used to it when coming back.  


  • Our RBR Aftercare consists of an online community you can participate in.  This online community is an additional way to keep in contact with us on how your dog is doing, any questions you may have and let us know how recent excursions or situations went with your dog.  
  • Out of Town Clients--Not Local?  We provide free follow ups  via Skype sessions after your dog has returned home. We often have clients take video for us with their dog so we can watch it and see what is going on as well.

Training tune ups scheduled in advance

  • We can do scheduled tune ups where your dog stays with us.  They are very helpful getting over a rough spot after your dog has been home awhile, or if something happens that is unexpected.  Your dog is treated like a board and train dog while here.   This has to be scheduled in advance so we know we have room.
  • You can receive a 60 minute training tune up yourself when you pick up your dog or at a later date after tune up.  
  •  (extra fee for home appointments in your home or in another area).  
  • Owner is responsible for pick up and drop off.
  • If planned ahead of time, we can accommodate training tune ups around your vacation!    
  • NOTE: these are typically only open to dogs that did a boarding and training program.  Some exceptions may apply.


All dogs sleep/nap in crate unless previously discussed with owner.  

Pack Walks


If your dog has trained with us previously for dog aggression, it is a great opportunity to work your dog in close proximity to other dogs in a safe environment where they don't feel too much pressure, but are being challenged.


We do accommodate certain dogs that will not do well right next to other dogs walking.     You can also bring your friends.