Is a 2 day seminar right for me?

If you want to gain a better understanding of your dog's behavior and learn how to not only tell your dog what to do, but teach them to learn and become more self reliant in their decision making, this seminar is for you!


The target focus two day weekend seminars are leash handling skills and how different types of leashes and tools are beneficial for different reasons.  It’s also important to know how and when to use them. With the leash we’ll be going over when and how to be gentle, when to guide, as well as when to challenge and address a situation or moment.  Those fundamentals are what we will focus on.


We will also be talking about body language, not just the dogs, but our own.  We so often rely on our training tools or just a leash, and we forget to read the dog and act accordingly.  When you know what a dog needs based off of body language and the energy they are giving, how to answer that with the leash and your body language becomes more evident.  We will talk about when we teach spacial pressure to a dog, how we do it and when it isn’t safe to do it.


We"ll be teaching my favorite obedience drill to do with dogs that challenges them mentally and increases handler and dog connection in a way that helps you in every day life with your dog!  Beyond that, we will be targeting specific requests with the dogs attending the seminar.


During this two day seminar we will be covering meticulous handling skills with the leash that by make subtle changes that will have a big impact on your communication with your dog. Another big point that we will cover is how to read your dog's energy in different moments of arousal or fear and how to help guide them through it. You will learn how to correct your dog's bad behavior and when to reward commands and good decisions. You will gain a better understanding of training tools and your dog's behavior. 


We will talk about dog training concepts and the different advice that is out there, the diverse pool of opinions to pull from and where to focus all of that information as it pertains to you and your situation with your dog, even if it’s just basic obedience and manners to dog aggression.We do use training tools and ask that you understand that and are comfortable with a multitude of communication tools for good and bad behavior before attending this seminar.


While this is not strictly an ecollar training seminar, IF your dog is already working on ecollar and you’d like to finesse or advance your ecollar skills with your dog, we are happy to have you.  


Due to it only being a 2 day weekend seminar, we ask that you do not bring a dog with serious human aggression since that can take us some time to work through before we get to a point where we can teach the group and leave your dog in a better state of mind then when they came, which is important to us.  


Dogs will be expected to be in crates when not out working.


-Bethany Wilson



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    Lindy (Monday, 09 September 2019 18:05)

    How much is the 2-day seminar?

  • #2

    Bob (Sunday, 29 September 2019 18:04)

    Do you have breed restrictions? I have a rescued Amstaff.

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    Bethany at Ruff Beginnings Rehab (Wednesday, 02 October 2019 23:43)

    The two day seminar is $275 for working spot and $150 for coming to observe and ask questions. And yes, we take all breeds :)