Ruff Beginnings Rehab Packages are created to suit the needs of our clients.  That is why they can range greatly depending on your goals for your dog.

We have spent more than 15 years perfecting these puppy packages.  We LOVE setting you up right,

from the beginning, with your family and new canine family member.  You won't find better support or clearer communication on what you should be doing with your pup.  It's about way more than just teaching basic obedience.  It's about building a relationship and bond with your pup to carry them into their adulthood where you can enjoy spending time with them.

Puppy starter one on one packages


2 one on one sessions - $350

1st session - 90 minutes

2nd session - 60 min


This is a good way to get a family started with a new puppy.  We meet in our environment to cover everything from basic commands to potty training and puppy biting.  These lessons need to be used around 2 weeks apart. Check out our puppy videos and get yourself started right by contacting us.

Full puppy one on one program

4 one on one sessions - $750

4th lesson in YOUR home if within 15 miles.  I'll go further for an additional fee. 

Lessons are around 90 minutes or as long as we need. 


This is going to cover more basic obedience and how to LIVE with your puppy long term, not just when working with your puppy.  It includes a lesson in your home as long as you are within 15 miles from Santa Clarita.  Any further is just an extra charge.  We do this often and I don't mind driving.  In home sessions can be so beneficial. 

Puppy Board-and-Train Programs

All packages include a 30 minute consult when the dog is dropped off at our Santa Clarita location.  Arrangements can be made to have the dog picked up as well for certain programs.

Our Puppy Start Up Board and Train is the most successful puppy program in Los Angeles.  Get your puppy on the right track with our program tailored to young puppies.  This is a very structured program where the puppy gets lots of socialization time with people and other dogs, while learning all of the basic commands and impulse control needed to be a perfect little pup.  

We have many puppy training videos that show you what our protocols look like for puppies on our youtube.  

7 DAY puppy BOARD AND TRAIN - $1000

Leash and food work-For puppies 12-18 weeks old

Leash introduction/work and all your puppy raising needs.  Age restrictions can be flexible, just please inquire.

  • Includes 2-90 min appointments at facility.  This covers sit, down, stay, place, the beginning of understanding the leash, handling, socialization, relationship work and come.
  • Include a 30 minute consult when you drop the puppy off to our Santa Clarita location. 

Puppy RAising program-2 separate 2 week board and trains - $4,000

Everything you need to raise your puppy.  2 week board and train foundation

2 week E-collar Program

     For dogs 12 weeks to 1 year old

Basic training and the start to off leash freedom (NO serious behavioral issues) Great for puppies and young dogs!

  • work on over excitement, severe brattiness, basic obedience

  • mild reactivity (we can discuss this in detail on a phone call)
  • This program is the ultimate socialization and puppy raising start.  We go over all the basics, puppy manners and more.  You get two 90 minute sessions after your puppy spends 2 weeks with us  in our Santa Clarita location.

  • Then, when your puppy matures a little, he/she comes back for 2 more weeks to learn ecollar and work on advanced obedience, including off leash freedom if desired.  You get two more owner lessons, 2 hours each.
  • You get continued support with us meaning you can come back to our area anytime for a training tune up free of charge.
  • Ecollar Gear is $200-230

Take the stress out of raising a puppy with a long term puppy program where we do everything.  


Enroll in a program where we keep your pup anywhere from 1 month to 3 months.  This is a FULL program that does everything from desensitizing your puppy to every noise you can think of, to building confidence with textures and objects, socializing with other dogs and more.


Whether we work on off leash reliability or e-collar conditioning depends on the age of the pup and the owners needs.  Yes, you can condition a young puppy under 6 months old to respond to tone (beep), vibration or even low stimulation to start that off leash relationship. 


To find out more about this program contact us, button below!

Online skype or zoom sessions

30 minutes for $75.00

1 hour for $125.00


These sessions cover everything from puppy training to advice and steps towards improving aggression.  Fill out a contact form to schedule. 


Training tune ups for previous clients

Click here to See RBR AfterCare details 


    • This is not traditional boarding.  We do not provide standard dog boarding.
    • Previous clients can book a tune up with us.  Long weekends are most popular and can be very beneficial.
    • You receive a 60 minute training tune up yourself when you pick up your dog or at a later date after tune up.  
    •  (extra fee for home appointments in your home or in another area).  
    • Owner is responsible for pick up and drop off.
    • If planned ahead of time, we can accommodate training tune ups around your vacation!    


    All dogs sleep/nap in crate unless previously discussed with owner.