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Founded in 2009, Ruff Beginnings Rehab Dog Training and Rescue works with every type of behavioral issue at any age.  Based in Los Angeles, owned and operated by Bethany Wilson, she offers continued support to her clients. Whether you are struggling with a new puppy or a fearful or aggressive dog, our balanced training techniques will provide you with the guidance and tools needed to be a successful dog owner. Ruff Beginnings provides training with structure and the right tools so our clients can achieve the balance they deserve in their homes with their dog. This successful real world training is achieved by preventing bad behavior, reward good and setting up our clients to do the same. Our dog trainers provide clients with guidance, homework, schedules and a level of aftercare that other trainers do not. Our RBR Aftercare Program ensures that once you train with us, you will always have the techniques and tools available to you and your dog!  



We strive to develop a close relationship with our clients. We are available to you to help guide you through sticky situations and remind you of those techniques when needed! We teach you how to communicate with your dog to help them prioritize their decisions and become more aware of better choices. We use traditional obedience commands to really help overhaul your dog's state of mind to help them make better decisions in real life scenarios. By teaching you more about everyday dog behaviors, like how to control your dog in uncontrollable situations, we successfully bridge the gap between just obeying a command and having a calmer disposition.  We use a variety of tools depending on the behavioral issues of the dog. This is what allows us to help you build the relationship you have always wanted with your dog.  


Learn more about our methods by watching our videos and checking out our FAQ's! Follow us on Facebook Instagram, and YouTube to help you decide if we are the right fit for you. We want you to be excited to work with us so we can provide the expert advice you have been looking for!

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