RBR Aftercare


-A local RBR Aftercare perk we offer are monthly pack walks and hikes.  This is a great way to get some guidance, work through a rough spot and really see how your dog is doing in a high distraction environment with us their to give you confidence, support and hands on guidance if needed.  (see video for example)


Below is a photo from one of our clients posted in our RBR Aftercare Facebook Group one week after their dog went home after a board and train.  

What else does RBR Aftercare Entail?! 


-Our RBR Aftercare consists of an online community you can participate in.  This online community is an additional way to keep in contact with us on how your dog is doing, any questions you may have and let us know how recent excursions or situations went with your dog.  


-We also use it as a way to offer tips geared towards people who have been through the program.


-Not Local?  We provide two free follow up 1 hour skype's after your dog has returned home when you are not able to meet in person for your follow up session, that is usually part of your package, due to distance.  We often have clients take video for us with their dog so we can watch it and see what is going on as well.


-All Clients have access to us through email anytime and can set up a phone call.


-We also offer discounts for follow up sessions, dog training gear and seminars.