Ruff Beginnings Rehab Packages are created to suit the needs of our clients.  That is why they can range greatly depending on your goals for your dog.

One on One sessions

Ecollar Basics

Teach all of your basic obedience reliably with

Ecollar and our guidance.

  • Ecollar basics 5 sessions - $750
  • 1st session- 2 hours
  • Other sessions 1 hour


After speaking with you and talking about your goals, we will put together a program that suits your needs for your specific situation.

We meet at my location in Santa Clarita or a local park to work.


This covers bad behaviors like pulling on the walk, a solid recall (come command), jumping up on people, mouthing, and general bratty behavior.  The dogs will learn the basic commands like place, come, sit, down, crate and heel.  It is NOT for any serious behavioral issues.


We focus on many calming techniques to teach you to settle your dog down easily and we work on impulse control techniques like waiting for food and at thresholds.  


We use a variety of tools for these sessions depending on the behavioral issues and the reliability wanted by the family. (ecollar and prong collar or slip leash)


You will be given guidelines to work with the dog between sessions and this will truly give you happier, calmer dog. 


*The price does not include a training collar $180.00-$240 depending on size of dog.


Get a SOLID Recall with Ecollar

  • Reliable Ecollar Recall in two sessions-$450
  • Both sessions 90 minutes and at our location and park
  • Cost of gear not included. $180-$240 depending on size of dog
  • Occasionally withe dogs that are very driven or anxious, a third short lesson is needed for the owners and is treated as a follow up lesson at a discount. 




Many people have done training in the past with their dog, but still can't get that reliable recall (come command).  It's important to us that you are able to go hiking, go to a park, travel and have a dog you can depend on to come back to you.  We target ecollar foundation in the first session, provide the owners homework and then set up distractions in the second session.

This is NOT a program for dogs with reactivity or aggression issues.



*The price does not include a training collar $180.00-$240 depending on size of dog.


Puppy Basics One on One Training Lessons



  • 2  sessions - $350 
  • 1st session is 2 hours
  • 2nd session is 1 hour


This is a good way to get a family started with a new puppy.  We meet in our environment to cover everything from basic commands to potty training and puppy biting.  Check out our puppy videos and get yourself started right by contacting us.


Customized package with one on one sessions.

Their are instances where we will do one on one sessions for evaluating dogs, giving information on basic impulse control issues and teaching basic obedience.  This greatly depends on the clients needs and we can talk on the phone to figure out a plan.

Boarding for previous clients




  • $60 a day- Standard boarding, 2 pack walks, socialization time with the other dogs or free time and a few hours hanging out in place command.
  • $90 a day for a training tune up.  The dog will receive 2 bouts of working on specific training techniques that the dog may need to work on inside or head outside for a longer session on long line, excursion to a public place, etc., just let us know.
  • $100 a day for training tune up with short session brush up when you pick up your dog (minimum of 4 nights)
  • Owner is responsible for pick up and drop off.

All dogs sleep in crate unless previously discussed with owner.