Ruff Beginnings Rehab Packages are created to suit the needs of our clients.  That is why they can range greatly depending on your goals for your dog.

Board-and-Train Packages

2 week programs to work on over excitement, severe brattiness, minor reactivity on walks towards dogs/bikes/etc.

  • $2,200 and includes 3 sessions with the owners consisting of 6 hours of training with us and the dog.

3 weeks for dog/human reactivity, anxiety, separation anxiety and fear issues.  Many clients also use the three weeks to work on a week of socialization if the dog is ready.  

  • $2,700 and includes 4 sessions with the owners consisting of 7 hours of training with us and the dog.

4 weeks for dogs with more serious aggression including going after own family, severe fear or anxiety issues or a strong start to dog aggression rehabilitation that includes socialization when/if the dog is ready.

  • 3,200 and includes 4 sessions with the owners consisting of 8 hours of training with us and the dog. 
  • Educator Ecollar Mini ranging from $180 to $230 depending on size of the dog is an additional cost.  We provide them for you and anything else necessary.
  • All of these include a 30 minute consult when the dog is dropped off at our Santa Clarita Location.  Arrangements can be made to have the dog picked up as well for certain programs. 

Ruff Beginnings Rehab Board and Train program ensures that you will achieve a direct line of communication with your dog in seemingly impossible situations.  We take in only a few dogs for training at a time.  Our program is a one on one approach with the dog where we work on state of mind to get the dog in a mind set to be able to handle situations that he could not handle before.  Part of the reason we are so successful is because the dog lives with us as part of the family and we go out of our way to work the dog in many different situations and areas to generalize the new and improved behaviors.


We teach using low level, E-Collar training.  This is not like anything you have likely seen before and has nothing to do with the E-Collar training in the old days.  This is a high sophistication style of training with low levels to calm the dog down and teach him behaviors as if you were whispering with a leash.  With this technique, combined with our structured program, many behaviors simply go away and the others we address directly and correct for as needed.  Please see videos.  We work with a small amount of dogs at a time to ensure they get the attention they need to be successful. 


The dog will learn all of the basic commands, plus some if specified by owner.  These include, but are not limited to, Place/Sit/Down/Stay/Heel/Come/Crate.  Because of this one on one attention we are able to achieve dramatic transformations in a short amount of time.  

Please check out or transformation videos and testimonials here or on yelp. 


Puppy Start Up Board and Train Program

Our Puppy Start Up Board and Train is the most successful puppy program in Los Angeles.  Get your puppy on the right track with our program tailored to young puppies.  This is a very structured program where the puppy gets lots of socialization time with people and other dogs, while learning all of the basic commands and impulse control needed to be a perfect little pup.  


We have many puppy training videos that show you what our protocols look like for puppies on our youtube.  




 7 day board and train with basic leash work.

For puppies 12-18 weeks old, no serious behavioral issues.  Age restrictions can be flexible, just please inquire.

  • 7 days-$750.  Includes 2 hour appointment at facility.  This covers sit, down, stay, place, the beginning of understanding the leash and come.
  • Include a 30 minute consult when you drop the puppy off to our Santa Clarita location.  



For dogs 1 year or younger-10 day Basic Ecollar Program for pups.


10 Day Starter Program is for basic training and the start to off leash freedom (NO serious behavioral issues) Great for puppies and young dogs!


  • $1,300 and includes 2 sessions with the owners consisting of 4 hours of training with us and the dog.

Gear is $180 and includes ecollar, leash, and long line.





Take the stress out of puppy raising! 


Do a program where we keep your pup anywhere from 1 month to 3 months.  This is a FULL program that does everything from desensitizing your puppy to every noise you can think of, to building confidence with textures and objects, socializing with other dogs and more.


Whether we work on off leash reliability or ecollar conditioning depends on the age of the pup and the owners needs.  Yes, you can condition a young puppy under 6 months old to respond to tone (beep), vibration or even low stimulation to start that off leash relationship. 


To find out more about this program contact us, button below!